late 90's
it might have been 1999

…resolved to avoid work for hire at all costs I started a new path

some of the costs involved included prices I hadn't expected to pay.
[that is, after all, how this story ALWAYS goes down]

be that as it may:

DV8XTC [the revOlutioN will nOt be televized]

…it wasn't

but the assault on freedom was televized.
…still iz

nyc; the global nodal point of freeform modernity [individualism within the societal nexus] was completely eradicated.
leaving the facade of terrorspasm masSmiNdorgasm and cool and corporate spastikplastik in place of the once vibrant symbol of human chaotic creative discord attempting to give resonance to romantic possibility.

…soon the world trade center would be ashes and millions would be killed, ruined, shocked and awed by liars and sociopathik psychokillers masquerading as neopolitrik saviors.

same as it ever was

but for a moment

“freedom iz seXy"

embraced the nyc night

these artifakts are what remains

presently: permutation reflux: synthetik XS

-mNem0sys [L.A. 7.2016]