jawbreakers attacked by mainstream haterz

update: repost: Mark Waid & the other SJW Crybullies were TERRIFIED of having to compete against a non-political crowd-funded superhero comic book on the stands. They bullied a small publisher so viciously that the owner’s nerves were shot in less than 36 hours. this shit is unfuckin cool Not my thang but this cat is […]

backlash : reflux

…20 years too early? backlash: redux:reflux!! …it’s time to get this up and running! plan of attack: a series featuring a brand new, redrawn refluxed version with a modified story: moar cyberpunk action! a collectable figurine a short film photo editiorials a trade paperback graphic novel compiling the new series and the original version …stay […]

razorgurlz prototype edit mode

working edit of razorgurLz prototype WHAT: prototype magazine mixing edgy erotic art photography, cosplay editorials and comix. TARGET AUDIENCE: +18 humans that dig femme.erOtik.sexy.visions in various modes. WHO: mNem0sys: featuring divanarkotik glitterfist mercedes the muse diamondmarine stephen galvin kaedegirl …the razOrgurLz razorgurLz? =sexy.azz.they.wanna.be while kickin namez and takin azz…ahem. COMIX: BACKLASH REFLUX 8pg preview of […]