Russ Heath Health

UPDATE: RUSSEL HEATH DIED August 23, 2018 after deteriorating health issues and a bad fall which he suffered in the hospice care facility he was put in The fall left him bleeding and incapacitated but conscious and led to him being put in intensive care . There is no information regarding whether this fall contributed […]

jawbreakers attacked by mainstream haterz

update: repost: Mark Waid & the other SJW Crybullies were TERRIFIED of having to compete against a non-political crowd-funded superhero comic book on the stands. They bullied a small publisher so viciously that the owner’s nerves were shot in less than 36 hours. this shit is unfuckin cool Not my thang but this cat is […]

backlash : reflux

…20 years too early? backlash: redux:reflux!! …it’s time to get this up and running! plan of attack: a series featuring a brand new, redrawn refluxed version with a modified story: moar cyberpunk action! a collectable figurine a short film photo editiorials a trade paperback graphic novel compiling the new series and the original version …stay […]

razorgurlz prototype edit mode

working edit of razorgurLz prototype WHAT: prototype magazine mixing edgy erotic art photography, cosplay editorials and comix. TARGET AUDIENCE: +18 humans that dig in various modes. WHO: mNem0sys: featuring divanarkotik glitterfist mercedes the muse diamondmarine stephen galvin kaedegirl …the razOrgurLz razorgurLz? while kickin namez and takin azz…ahem. COMIX: BACKLASH REFLUX 8pg preview of […]